“Dynamic Communication Skills”

Understanding what makes people tick is the foundation of all business relationships, whether it is for selling, managing, or working with peers. Your entire workforce will realize benefits from this program, in conflict resolution, listening, employing verbal and nonverbal signals, and learning to most effectively speak the language of business.


“Delivering Powerful Presentations”

Whether speaking one-on-one with a client, or presenting to a large group, your presenters will shine in the spotlight with techniques learned in this program. Those fearful of public speaking will not only find presenting easier, they’ll find themselves enjoying it.


“Business Writing and Grammar”

Your staff will learn how to write right! If you’re concerned your team could be sending the wrong message because of incorrect grammar or e-mail etiquette, this program builds necessary know-how of the rules. Plus, your team will have an advantage over your competition, applying the newest and latest guidelines we’re seeing in the writings of today.


“Conflict Resolution”

Conflict can happen at any level in business, from the front line to top-tier negotiations. In this program, your workforce will gain understanding of the cycle of conflict and how to stop it, and establish win-win business relationships with even the most challenging people or situations.


“Telephone Skills”

It’s not just your customer relations staff who promotes your business over the phone. Any of your employees can benefit from this training, taking away tips and techniques to help them project positivity, actively listen, and handle difficult situations.