Harassment Prevention & the Law

“Preventing Sexual Harassment and All Forms of Harassment”

You want to ensure that the culture of your organization is a positive, healthy one, where employees thrive and never feel threatened. Through this training, your team will gain a thorough understanding of what practices, attitudes, and behaviors are and are not acceptable in the workplace. When your team appreciates sensitive issues such as these, they can better focus on working together to attain the company’s goals.


“Managing Diversity”

Diversity is about demographics, business profitability, values, and behavior. It is also a long-term process. Your workforce will learn in this program how to embrace diversity for your organization’s continued success.


“Americans with Disabilities Act”

Your hiring team, human resources department, and managers will have a comprehensive understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act, from hiring policies to managing to termination. During training, participants will practice managing all components of the ADA for your work environment.


“Interviewing Skills”

Your managerial staff will gain confidence as interviewers through this program. While learning employment law, they will hire the best talent, by

  • recruiting strong candidates
  • streamlining recruiting processes
  • top-notch interview preparation
  • evaluating candidates objectively
  • maintaining a strong grasp of what can and cannot be discussed or asked during an employment interview


“Disciplinary Action and Termination”

Your supervisors will become well versed in your company’s policies along with legal responsibilities regarding employee discipline, to ensure fair practices on all sides and minimize workplace conflict.