What is Theatre-based Training?

The Training Scene’s Theatre-based Method:


Training While Entertaining Your Team
The Results?


Imagine this:

A corporate training scenario comes to life, where actors perform and interact with your employees, tackling their unique challenges and questions head-on. Members of your customer service team nod and share a good-natured laugh watching a scene of successes and challenges in your industry, and then strategize how they can improve. Your sales team or a group of managers, press “pause” on the training situation they’re watching, and learn how to step in and lead the scene that is tailored to their own experiences in a new, effective direction.


The Training Scene makes your employees the stars of their own professional advancement.


When your staff becomes an active part of the learning process, their training becomes personal. That’s why the powerful results of theatre-based training is rated among the highest in the industry. Employees who are invested in their development bring results in increased production and performance and an improved bottom line. After your team completes any of The Training Scene’s programs, you’ll see why over 96% of participants say that theatre-based development had a high impact for them and is their preferred training method.


Based on your company’s needs, The Training Scene provides you with nationally recognized experts in leadership, management, sales, communication, team development, and more. In training sessions, your employees will interact with professional actors of the highest quality from stage and screen.



It’s what we do

Turning Employees into Performers with Theatre-based Training


Learn more about all the ways your company can benefit on every level, from your front line to the executive suite.

“The actors rocked the house! I actually saw myself in one of the skits! I did not want the program to end yesterday! This type of training is beyond valuable!”

Tina Paradiso
Imprintable Solutions, INK