“So, You Want to Be a Manager”

New managers can feel unprepared for the unique demands of team leadership. This innovative program trains your new managers before they enter the world of leading others, so that they can effectively learn and apply:

  • what’s expected in a managerial role
  • how to build a professional management image
  • how to manage the “people” side of business
  • techniques for coping with stress and office politics
  • how to communicate with senior managers, coworkers, customers, and vendors
  • ten steps to prepare for management now


“Empowering the Organization: Leadership Skills for All”

Improve your company’s bottom line with a more productive and effective workforce. Here, your employees on the front line will learn how to think and act like a leader, communicating more effectively with coworkers, upper management, vendors, and the ever-so-valuable customer.


“The New Manager, Life in the Fast Lane”

If your newly promoted managers are struggling with their role, this program will help them earn credibility, establish authority, and learn the ropes of management.


“Effectively Managing People, People, People”

People are at the heart of your company, and yet business relationships can be the most unpredictable part of any industry. Your team will learn through this program how to effectively coach people of different styles, defuse conflict situations, and deliver disciplinary action.


“Moving Further into Management”

To keep your managers invested in their long-term future with your company, they need to know how to look ahead toward what’s on the horizon. We help them deal with that next level of challenges through this program, focusing on presenting to groups, running effective meetings, training new employees, and handling legal issues.


“The Leadership Series”

Is your company hurting from a lack of cohesion or motivation among your employees, or are your managers floundering despite their hard work and dedication? Do you think your staff’s productivity and profitability have room for improvement? “The Leadership Series” modules can be used together or separately to expressly bring your people in total sync with the skills it takes to lead.


Module 1: “The People You Work With”

Benefits your staff will gain include honing dynamic communication and listening skills, giving feedback effectively, and building trust, respect, and authority.

Module 2: “Hiring the Right People”

Your management team will develop skills to write targeted and competitive job descriptions, conduct comprehensive interviews of candidates, train new employees of your company, and get the most out of annual performance reviews.

Module 3: “Building and Motivating the Team”

Your staff will learn teambuilding techniques they can implement in the workplace, how to coach and delegate tasks to their teams, and gain motivational skills to ensure all of your employees realize their full potential.

Module 4: “Leadership and the Law”

By tackling these challenging issues, your managers will be prepared for matters of conflict management and resolution, disciplinary action, and termination. They will also be ready to lead within the law, understanding diversity, sexual harassment, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Module 5: “The Business Side of Leadership”

Your employees will learn the nuts and bolts of achieving the goals your business sets, through exercises in decision making, problem solving, project management, and strategic planning.

Module 6: “The Leader on Stage”

If your leaders need help in the spotlight, here they can learn how to run effective meetings, and strengthen those presentation and negotiation skills that are crucial to your company’s success.