“On the Road Again: Sales Training To Go”

See your salespeople in action on their client calls without actually going along for the ride. A sales facilitator from The Training Scene will first interview each of your salespeople, then join them on the road making sales calls, observing strengths and weaknesses. Your sales team will benefit from individual coaching and immediate feedback, and you benefit from an objective report. The best part? Your salespeople learn in their environment, losing no sales time.


“Using Creativity to Increase Sales”

Get an edge on your competition through more creative selling. Your sales team will tap into their creativity on the spot and in everyday selling situations, which will in turn lead to increased sales opportunities, faster closings, and greater profitability. This exciting and entertaining program has proved to be one of The Training Scene’s most popular.


“Selling Skills for the New Salesperson”

Your new salespeople will hit the ground running with the skillset taught in this program, boosting morale, productivity, and profitability immediately. After all, don’t your clients ultimately want to work with sales professionals, and not just those who happen to sell for a living?


“Consultative Selling Skills”

If your sales team is struggling with the ever-changing demands of closing a sale, here they will learn to work with customers more educated to selling. The Training Scene inspires the savvy within the businessperson, so they’re not just selling your product or service, but building long-term customer relationships.


“Networking for Success”

Turn your sales team into networking gurus with this program. Your business will flourish through the personal connections and referrals your salespeople will generate after honing their skills in how to meet, greet, and treat prospective clients.