Customer Care

“Exceptional Customer Care and Beyond”

Front-line and customer service representatives will gain newfound confidence in their customer relations skills, through polishing basics and choosing to go the extra mile.


“Powerful Telephone Skills”

The next time your customer service representatives pick up the phone, they will be prepared for any situation with our tips, techniques, and hands-on practice in this program, including how to

  • project positivity
  • answer inquiries efficiently
  • actively listen
  • handle irate customers and defuse difficult situations
  • build solid, lasting client relationships


“Mystery Shopper Service”

View your business through the eyes of your customers. You and your staff will gain valuable insights into one of the most important facets of any organization: public perception. You will benefit from a complete summary report of The Training Scene’s facilitator visit, and your employees will strengthen their customer care practices through the half-day training program that follows.