"Sexual Harassment Prevention is a very difficult subject to present, especially in a traditionally male dominated field like the fire service. These presentations received many positive comments from our firefighters and staff.

Ms. Galvin did an incredible job with the presentations which helped further educate our approximately 100 attendees on harassment prevention. I would highly recommend her to any company, agency or institution looking for this type of training."

Captain Scott Fitch
Municipal Training Officer
Brighton Fire Department



"Karen's approach was to take time to get to know the issues in our organization by interviewing people in the organization. She then took that information to tailor a program for our organization.

She used actors to portray scenarios that could take place in our organization. This approach helped get the people involved because they recognized things that take place in our organization.

Preventing Sexual Harassment is not a topic that excites people, but Karen got them involved. We received very positive feedback from our participants."

Harold E. Mundy
Brockport Fire District



“I want to thank you for your excellent program last week. Your presentation style was high energy and the materials were customized to our organization. I appreciated how you included various learning styles in your presentation with the handouts, interactive exercises, and story telling. Also, thank you for your preliminary visits with the coordinators, and the interest you took in learning the nature of our group. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we can plan another program in the future.”

Nancy McLean-Smith
Special Events Coordinator
Monroe County Office for the Aging



“I never would have thought that taking a management training course could be such a positive experience! I learned a great deal and had fun at the same time. I especially enjoyed the interactive ‘theatre’ exercises (and your coaching), as we put into practice what we had just learned. Your ability to engage and keep the attention of your audience throughout the program impressed me. I found your training materials to be professional and relevant to the key issues that managers face in today’s work environment.”

Sherry S. Handel
blue jean magazine, inc.



“Karen Galvin of Vision Enterprises has been instrumental in upgrading our overall selling skills. Karen’s seminars encourage all to participate. Her presentations gave everyone a solid base and the tools necessary to become better salespeople. Her ‘On the Road Again, Sales Training to Go’ program is invaluable. She spent time individually with each salesperson both before each seminar and later in the field observing them in action. From these observations, she was able to tailor her presentations to wards specific weaknesses. Based on these excursions, she was also able to give me critical information to help in the direction of the sales staff – observations I don’t get the opportunity to make when I join them on the road as their boss.”

Jim Simmons
MICO Equipment & Supply Corp.



“From the very beginning through completion of the project, it was a delight working with Karen. I appreciated her willingness to customize her program to the specific needs of our company and to the skills of our employees. She is a true professional with a range of experience that enables her to offer creative learning to a wide audience.

The employees that participated in the workshop acknowledge that Karen presented an authentic picture of supervision. They were able to approach their new positions with realistic expectations of the job.

Karen’s approach of using theory plus practice combines the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do it’ in live situations. This is not a lecture format; it is highly interactive for the participants, which really sets the stage for dealing with direct reports.”

Nancy J. Kitt
Vizia, Inc.



“Thank you for the terrific job you did with our staff retreat! I was delighted with your fresh, creative and caring approach. The teamwork exercises really helped staff members become more comfortable with each other by learning to recognize and appreciate differences in personal communication and leadership styles. It was obvious throughout the entire process – preliminary interviews with me and my staff, the retreat itself and your follow up – that you put a tremendous amount of time, effort and planning into the project. It was a great success.”

Gayle L. Rathbun
Executive Director
Seneca Park Zoo



“Thank you for your presentation on Creativity in Selling. Several of my sales personnel attended and came back with some great ideas on new ways to approach their clients. Your ability to get them to actively participate was both informative and fun. It is refreshing for me to see and hear that they will now experiment with some of the skills you demonstrated for them.”

John A. Badowski
General Sales Manager
Frontier Communications



“Thank you for the many presentations you have made to our Chamber organizations . . . Your speeches are always well planned so that they are directed to the particular interests of the groups you are addressing. You are articulate, your speaking style is top-notch, and the word in our community is out – ‘If Karen Galvin is speaking, don’t miss it!'”

Pat Sarubbi
Director, Membership Services
The Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce



“I found your Self Empowerment talk informative, stimulating, and motivating. Your examples hit home and were applicable to all walks of life. They certainly gave me new insights in encouraging self empowerment in others . . . It was a pleasure being a part of your audience. Your comfortable style is both professional and charismatic.”

Maria Justice
R.N., M.S. Ed
University of Rochester Medical Center



“I thoroughly enjoyed your training. The seminar used well-planned training tools to actively involve everyone in the group. These exercises were helpful in having us view the management role from both sides of the fence. This seminar was valuable to me and my company by refreshing my outlook on employee and customer relations. I also have given additional tactics in problem solving. Your ‘Theatre-based’ exercises were great! I highly recommend Vision Enterprises.”

Sandra Bailey
Rochester Info-courses



“Your seminar was well organized and most informative. Your warmth and genuine enthusiasm for the topic helped to make the learning more comfortable and enjoyable.”

Angela Einwachter
Education Specialist
WXXI Television



“It was lively, interactive and beneficial. You are an excellent and unique presenter. Your energetic training style succeeded in holding this group’s attention (which is no small feat!). I enjoyed the day and will continue to recommend your training.”

Beth D. Danehy
Director of Consumer and Professional Services
Greater Rochester Association of Realtors, Inc.



“I have participated in more than a few corporate training programs over the years. Rarely have I seen a trainer exhibit your superior levels of performance in both style and substance. I particularly commend you on your ability to assess the expectations and needs of your audience, then deliver relevant information and guidance in an engaging, interactive manner. Karen, you are a true professional.”

Randolph J. Lee Jr.
Senior Editor
The West Group



“I found the information to be informative, inspiring, and most important, transferable. I have been able to adapt the information you shared with us and apply it to my business.”

David S. Fedrizzi, CLU, ChFC
Vice President
Chase Manhattan Bank



“Karen, I have attended many training workshops and seminars over the years, and you are by far the best trainer I have ever seen. Thank you.”

Randy DeBrine
Product Manager
ABB Instrumentation, Inc.



“The actors rocked the house! I actually saw myself in one of the skits! I did not want the program to end yesterday! This type of training is beyond valuable!”

Tina Paradiso
Imprintable Solutions, INK